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Oct 3, 2019

Troy Heinritz – S2E8 New Media Lab with Rob Southgate      

On this episode, Rob’s special guest Troy Heinritz from the award-winning The Blacklist Exposed and Beyond Westworld.

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Episode of New Media Lab Today we have our first guest the incomparable troy hybrids trae is not only a green podcast but a good friend welcome back to another it's something this week I discovered linked tree and a fallen in love with it with wintery I can now give you a single link that has everything aggregated for you it's a great way to support the show and help keep the lights on here at Southgate Media Group A show like this is best when the audience and host or engaged with each other show analysis of the TV show the blacklist from Sony Pictures Television airing on NBC in the states and we just have a lively conversation about I n. k. t. e. r. Dot e slash New Media Lab to get all the links at your fingertips in other words get in conversation with me either through email facebook twitter instagram Patriot you can leave notes on the various platforms Indie podcast when posting your own shows or sharing anything podcast related all these links will be at our link tree once again before we get to the interview let me introduce myself I am your host Robert South and I am so thrilled you decided to join me before we jump in Detroit Center Best Hi Troy Hinrichs from the blacklist exposed at the blacklist exposed dot com our podcast is a TV fan podcast that covers a post free. It's an incredible tool it's also where you can find the link to our patriotic page every month I share patron only content like like I want to tell you about an awesome tool I found every episode I feel like I'm going on forever listing the various ways to subscribe to or contact our show I've been called reds rhetoric and then people call in vote on those two segments when did you start podcasting be personally I started in twenty thirteen his answer to how we monetize his podcast just for the Patriots please go to Patriotdepot DOT com slash new media lab and choose your tears rose and more finely follow our newest indifferent twitter at Indy podcast project and be sure to use the HASHTAG super I'll see them any place that you can find me talk to me the email for this show is southgate small business at send me your questions and comments and that's L. I. N. K. T. R. DOT EE slash new media lab they are not a sponsor it's just a tool I am super promise you I'll respond our networks website is southgate media group Dot com where you can find this as well as over a hundred other podcasts blogs video link in the show notes I won't need to put all those other links now one link doesn't all I cannot recommend this enough to you easy it's you from all our social media links to links to the various directories were on any other links that I wanNA share so go to link tree l. what happened that week we have some fan theories that we talked about during the course of the show and then we highlight the best two lines of advice that red gives during the course of the program and my family they think I'm a celebrity because I've been invited to go out to New York and Los Angeles and I've met celebrities that we would consider celebrity status somebody that as a quote unquote podcast I actually have a radio background broadcasting degree so I've done some on air radio for six years prior but in the podcasting spe specific clea was the summer of two thousand thirteen with a TV show fan podcast called under the Dome Radio for the under the Dome Television Show on CBS. Are you a celebrity with the podcast specifically not im- particular so we do have conversations with actors that are on the show so excited about and thank you could use okay that's enough business now let's get on with the interview hi Troy please describe your pod season five so there have been celebrities on our show but beyond that they don't have any relation to the podcast on a regular basis fans of the show who like to hear from Amir Arison who plays the character of Aram on the television show or the lead actress Meghan Boone I am not a celebrity depending on how you wanted to find celebrity so when I talk to my friends at work and around my church and around she plays Elizabeth keen on the show she's come on the podcast before back in season four we had interviews with James Spader you've heard of that guy he was like this eighties liberty by celebrity standards but I'm a celebrity in a smaller community around my local nece is there any celebrity associated with the blacklist podcast we star instill is a fantastic star in his own right in the TV series that he's done well we actually got to interview him for the one hundred episode that aired during it was easy to find your tribe because there were you know facebook and twitter we're still kind of trying to find social media back down on social media I've been around for about five years do you think gaining audience today is the same as when you started that's a really good question I think it's harder today to gain a into the community and just keep pulling people in through tweeting throughout the course of the episodes at that time on Monday night and Tuesday night and the Thursday night Friday night Louis loyal audience it takes a lot of work when we started the blacklist back in what was the fall of two thousand thirteen when the show started out people IRC Schatzer maybe posting comments on the actual blacklists webpage run by NBC specifically in so I think for that with US probably makes millions of dollars an hour of television and so from that perspective no I don't make a Crapton of money like they do so I am not but when you think about people that watch television in particular it's an older demographic so they're just trying to figure out how to use social media and get involved with it you're still trying to Suss to gain the same audience it was challenging we have a very large facebook group and we have a pretty good sized downloads for that specific show but it's not the same biggest thing that we did to grow our audience was twitter when there is lots of conversation happening about a particular television show in our case because that's our engagement with that audience so we have a lot of people but if I were to say put ads sponsor on a Westworld podcast I don't know if I would get the same version rate even though I have more listeners than it would on the blacklist podcast because the blacklist listeners are loyal to troy Aaron I and therefore more people so I think over time we've built up a loyal audience the hard part today is that if we had to go back and do that from square one which we did for our bread and butter we're live watching the show and as the show is airing we're tweeting along and we're tweeting at the main blacklist account from NBC we're tweeting with the writers you say hey go by this we probably better conversion rate with a smaller audience what are three key things you've done to grow your audience well number one the so what are three key social media practices you've done to grow audience the number one thing you can do on social media is when you starting a facebook group in particular and a twitter account and an instagram account right out of the gate it was easy for us to then Sir to reach people in order to pull them Ah podcast called beyond Westworld for HBO's Westworld we're actually the first westworld podcast in itunes and apple podcasts and we found that but it's not just us posting stuff out there it's US responding to stuff head a lady just today who said Hey I just started watching all the blacklist I've injured all the way through acres genre and then of course the second the second thing we did was actually reach out to people involved with the show specifically so we got a writer and then we also then started doing instagram pictures and video and audio grams through our instagram account that caught the attention of sation by doing that actually gets us to a point where people think than they tweet at us they're actually tweeting at the show and it's like hey you guys did a great job tonight AH blacklist room on twitter were tweeting at the guest star that's there that week as well as the rest of the actors and we're following the Hashtag so just being present in the conference has your tweeting enough that you're in the people to follow spotlight on twitter or people that are trending in this topic I think that's when you know you've really made it in that you start to build out a spreadsheet and then all of the people that you interact with you can figure out one or two personal things about them so that as you're going through normal conversation with them and then number three I think it's being responsive to the actual community members that we talk to on a regular basis we have our facebook group and our instagram and our twitter back to her and say hey don't worry we don't we don't miss listen to us either but it is kinda lonely after a while it so you can play along with them in the conversation and you get to know people we actually it actually done some spotlighting of the behind the scenes cast as well where we've had the makeup artist Dan Anthony Peppy we've had stunt coordinator on-court Hessler Dave Porter have a Guy Douglas in our group where he posts what we eat on Thursday nights before the show so even though the show has been off the air since May of two thousand eighteen and we'll be coming back artists and so we're promoting the artists that way we're extending the show were and then we have another segment where we do this thing called breads rhetoric whereas the two clips from start a conversation and have a conversation about that could be as simple as I visited you know pretty close to where you live on some trip before whatever and then what you do there in January of two thousand nine hundred ninety we still post are what are we eating on Thursdays Post and we all share recipes and get to know each other as people rather than just fans which is really fun few people you make a good point that you should have specific content for each platform you talk about twitter instagram facebook is there anything else radziwill post out those as an audio Graham and then people can follow the conversation to say hey did you like this what did you like about this one and we take a vote based on social media you can actually be like hey I remember your daughter was having a a baby was coming up grandbaby how'd that go what's so it gets the interaction rather than just heirs my latest episode go click the link because then you're driving interaction which is what social media is all about as being interacting with what's going on with that and then you can start to have a personal conversation personal relationship that makes a connection with them at a point where you don't have that with somebody say Tumbler we've been doing a lot with TV specifically because tumbler is a huge one for television podcast or television fan group specifically because they like to post their little log content as a tumbler post and then linking to our youtube video that we do it's not really a video but it's the the Oh John McCain camp he did a few interviews with us that lead to then getting Sony's attention which helped us in the PR game of getting the actual actors and actresses on the show and thanks but we haven't put out the guest yet but hopefully with listen board on Friday it'll be up there so when you get to that point where people think you are the shell so with that we're able to support our hearing impaired listeners by using youtube as well and building a community out there what would you say is the secret to your podcast success I think the biggest thing that made us successful with the blacklists expose was perseverance we want we do that good stuff our podcast can be playing in the background for them to listen to which is really cool we also use youtube and the reason why we use Youtube and I know people always are like should you put a podcast on US background from Youtube while they're doing work and stuff so why not have an audio only podcast on Youtube recently we use it specifically is that we actually have hearing impaired list community it's where we interact where we chat where we talk where we suss out theories and have long hundred two hundred comment thread discussions about a particular topic Daniel Nafta come on and he was our first interview from the show's perspective early in season three that interview let us to actually make friends with the creator of the show it was a show that probably was good enough to podcast about because there was this underlying mythology is here is not the Lisbeth Qian's father the album art with the Pike as playing in the background and we put that on Tumbler as well that whistle people as people perusing tumbler and looking at other blacklists who just won an award recently for his great work in television music so really really fun to just kind of work that angle for number two to and especially if there's no actual video with it because no one's going to listen to an audio thing on youtube there's a lot of people that just make playlists of music and have that play in the Jeff's obviously out the entire story sometimes and they have their long winded theories that they type out on on Tumbler and so we basically are repurposing our website television knew about us make sure that NBC the blacklist knew about us made sure that the writer's room knew about us because we wanted to feature ever the end of the day so there was this mystery there but what we really wanted to do is make sure that we figured out how we could make sure Sony pictures which instagram post actually gets better traction because then we'll know which one people like and we do that in twitter as a poll and facebook in our facebook group as a poll combine all of that up for some owners in our blacklist fandom and they had asked for a transcription of the show so that they can follow along because they can hear it but sometimes you know we stumble over words the topic is these days but we're geeks when it comes to following television and entertainment news and that sort of thing so people would probably say we're kind of behind the scenes is because we don't actually get to be on television well then it just turned out that we ended up becoming people on television because they invited us out to do a marriage good storytelling along with live reporting but it's weird because the medium itself tends to be on demand people and it was really really great to be entertainment weekly TV guide some Group from Canada and us that's pretty cool so what do you think is the next big thing in podcasting I think the next big thing in podcasting is really trying to figure out how we can kids are we have a weird midwestern accent since from the Chicago area in so with that we said okay well we'll put it up on youtube and the transcription gets about ninety five percent of it good saying social media is that you have to leverage the platforms for what their best designed for so in our case with facebook we're doing that as in particular but more importantly we want to highlight the people that don't get highlighted all that often we're we're kind of the what do you want to call us Geeks nerds I forget what the calm like how do we leverage podcasting to get the word out around you know here's things firefighters need help with here's things residents need help with single person that does something with the show in a way because we are first and foremost fans of the content creation space otherwise we wouldn't be doing podcasts back from filming one for season six out in Los Angeles and so for us perseverance is the big thing we kept trying we kept calling bothering we kept emailing season opening special that airs in I think it's like seventy countries now that get to see this this pre show if you will we did that for season four and we just recently radio or television you're literally becoming part of their lives and and the point where you can actually travel there and maybe even be part of the birth ceremony that we could be covering it live but we could also be covering it on demand but we should be using our voices for social justice and I think that's really the thing hand but there has to be a way that we can figure out how to make live an interesting thing so I wanna be able one it's all about interaction number two perseverance and number three look for ways to build podcasting ten do and we just need a bigger platform to get at it so if we could cover something that's big and live it makes more awareness for podcast we kept twittering and eventually someone said hey these guys actually a really good show let's go ahead and make them part of the family so much so that they invited us out for the one hundredth anniversary with each episode I tried to come away with three takeaways troy head so many yet I found three central ideas that he did keep coming back to number as you come out at a live event for example there's the the big California fire that's going on right now that's probably the biggest one in the state I do believe stitcher spotify tune in IHEART radio wherever and be sure to subscribe and give the blacklist exposed and beyond Westworld oh I think live converting it into the on demand and bridging that gap I think is the next big thing for us in order to get our voices out into the community quicker awareness I know all three of the basic I know that we've heard this kind of stuff before but here's