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Oct 10, 2019

Rob’s special guest Aaron Peterson.

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Aaron Peterson S2E9 New Media Lab with Rob Southgate

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Welcome let's again new media lab today's guest is award winning podcast or Aaron Peterson before we get the let me introduce myself I'm your host Robert Create something we started there weren't that many most film and Television podcasts are out there were very I don't know what the right word stoppage pretentious big plans for the future but we can't do it without some money flowing in here every month I share patriotic only content like errands answer to how he monetize deepall it has their pod catchers in there so they don't have to search for the show it's super convenient I'll put the Lincoln the show notes for you fingertips I've also include Lynch the various pod catchers that new media lab is on which makes subscribing to the show incredibly easy plus if you WANNA share it with other kissed just for the Patriots please go to Patriot dot com slash new media lab and choose your tier or click on it you can find the link to the new media lab Patriot page there as well at the patriotic page you can directly support dish oh at help keep us going we have there's too many of them at that point it cool news kind of redefine that and took it over so just kind of stepped away for a few years and then I realized in other words get into conversation with me either through email facebook twitter instagram patriotic or any place else you could find me the email for this show oh entry it's a great way to support the show and to help keep the lights on here at Southgate Media Group A show like this best when the audience and host or engaged with each other I swear they're not paying me to say this I just love this tool okay that's enough business let's get to Aaron Peterson's interview film mice dilemma film critic but I- host amount website for a long time where you did the typical film news and that sort of thing and we got away from that because it was just I mean really it was it was very harshly critical to almost every film that wasn't an art film and I really WanNA representation of film to lick tree that's L. I. N. K. E. R. Dot e slash new media lab to get all the links right at your southgate media group Dot com where you can find this as well as over a hundred other podcasts plus blogs videos and a lot more by that you know what the podcast thing was starting to be a big deal so what I did was got with some friends and decided to put together Erin can you describe your podcast sure the Hollywood outsiders upon I started many moons ago two thousand eleven I used to be a a show that focuses on movies and television called Hollywood outsider where we would look at it from more of a fans point of view nine all right now there's about a billion of them Oh is southgate small business at send me your questions and comments and I promise I'll respond our networks website Nathan podcast related all these links will be on our linked trait once again that's L. I. N. K. T. R. DOT EE Slash New Media Lab follower nearest endeavour on twitter at Indy podcast project and be sure to use the hashtag support independent cast when posting your own shows or sharing dance you know you and I people like all kinds of movies not just certain kind blockbusters art films John Pieces whatever it is so that's what the podcast of two thousand eleven are you a celebrity no no is there anyone associated with the show that is close can you elaborate on the difference yeah absolutely I can elaborate a lot of what has taken a hit out of shows like my own kind of we have a topic every week that's different and we also have reviews of every kind of movie and we touched a little bit on news stuff it's a very it's a variety show there's a lot of stuff from that point so that would be two thousand I want to lay two thousand ten early two thousand eleven and Hollywood outsider started in July so originally got into my buddy Scott wanted to do a gaming podcast in called the the official thread podcast and he needed someone done to grow your audience at a tight we unfortunately many people don't hence the reason one of the reasons I'm doing this paper so what are three key things that you the sound pretentious myself just that just because you have a name doesn't mean that you have a good show and start this is a I want you to answer two ways when did you podcasting and wounded Hollywood outsiders start because they may be different answers Oh yeah they are and one in each episode if variety show does it make you sunny or share share a one hundred percent share I thought so win did you. That's the only reason do you think gaining audience today is the same as when you started no not even when you have too many guys that are just there's too many choices number one it's hard for people to find your show you thing has been word of mouth we introduce an interactive component to our show way back in the day which did a great was a great help was called what's this liberty like a co host or anything that is a celebrity no now we're all independent I don't have a zero desire to be a celebrity I just I do gas because I enjoy it and I got involved in it with him I respect and I started doing a little podcasting on his show and then eventually dispose off from that you know unlike I just took off prince and so it's just different there's too many shows too many celebrities too many people that I honestly don't think are very good podcasters and I don't mean that but I found far more interaction in the group I find groups much more beneficial facebook has really added a lot of algorithms that unless you have constant conversation in your pages nobody's even GonNa find it whereas groups I've I find a you get much better conversation and you get in and other podcasts are celebrities everybody wants their own show I mean everybody thinks they are celebrities and they decided they're going to have a podcast so oversaturation they did a ton of promotion facebook twitter that sort of thing word of mouth what was very high I'll be honest our biggest just more people that really WanNa talk about whatever your topic is what are three key social media practices that you either use or would recommend Qui ones most of them show up do their thing and don't really care to get better There are exceptions Deck Shepherd is one where he came in his show was not very good I didn't think Hashtag your posts so people can find Amisi be regular you know don't make sure you have knew that they would have a concentrated audience that might that are very similar to the Hollywood outsider so therefore those listeners would sample but he seems to have taken advice and criticism and applied it to make it a better podcast which I respect that at least he somebody who's a celebrity and taking it serious the celebrities are the like the the biggest thing because they they come in they get the big dollars behind him at the ad revenue they get the you know they walk to help him with the technical stuff because he he didn't understand it and he didn't know how to understand it so I'm I worked in it I've been in it so I understand the technical side of it as a team I really believe we we've done most of our success from word of mouth I haven't paid for anything you know we're in a very very competitive we're probably the because of apple you have to limit exactly how many descriptors you could even have about what your show is so unless you completely rebrand yourself it's hard for people to even find you media posting with social media feel like if you're not active every day at least several times a day people will forget about you and not only that but on facebook chemistry it's always been chemistry it's been whoever I'm doing a with the their passion for the topic and our chemistry moving basically pay a very short movie clip people write in and guess what the movie isn't it got a lot of interaction got people talking about the show they would share it on social media that sort of thing he's instagram a little bit but honestly it's I'm just don't know how to master it I'm not go with pictures what is the secret to your podcast success they dutiful schedule make sure it same time every week so people know when to look for things and encourage people to share your podcast like audio dramas or audio comedies they haven't really taken off to the level I think they're capable of we've heard a lot of great content fast now when you said make sure it's beautiful schedule are you talking just the podcast or do you have a strategy with a schedule for social competitive while next next to true crime next the true crime I think we're probably the most competitive podcast categories TV and film and we all over seven thousand likes or something like that which is good I mean it's not great it's not it's not towards scale or anything but it's pretty good over the last few years we're alive is a great example Wolverine for stitcher premium was a really good example.

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There's I think that is a niche for hitting a home run before they'd even getting the chance to swing where the rest of us are kind of you know we've been fighting on the mound for a lot of years yeah I use a sports for then you added a group do you see a benefit to having groups as opposed to facebook pages while the page used to be really beneficial I think we're still in Youtube find his shows on your favorite podcast APP be at apple podcast Google podcast Stitcher spotify tune in iheartradio word of mouth is incredibly important it's how they grew their shop stick to a schedule interesting his thoughts on this how it's not just the podcast whatever be sure to subscribe and give excellent reviews to Erin spot tests Hollywood outsider remake this movie right the blacklist exposed and beyond westworld and while you're at it please subscribe New Media Lab with Robert Southgate wherever you listen to podcasts you can email the show at southgate small business at and sample at an did help quite a bit you mentioned you started your facebook group Like a year ago you had a facebook page before that social media and everything and hit projects that will drive interest to your main podcast I love that idea leading to explode on every episode I try to come away with three takeaways Erin had so many but I found three ideas that he kept